Violet are good 14-year-dated adolescent girl with a lean generate, small waistline, and you may a lot of time foot

She stands at 160 centimeters (5’3″) and you can weighs 41 kilograms (90 weight). She’s a curved lead, reasonable skin, pink throat, rosy face, a lot of time, upright, blueberry-black locks (which covers the best edge of the woman face in the first half of the original motion picture), and you may bluish-yellow vision. Pursuing the incidents of earliest film, she wears yellow and you can pink headbands to store the woman locks right back. The woman super-fit includes a purple unitard that have black colored bottoms and you will an enthusiastic “I” insignia into boobs, plus a lime belt, black gloves, thigh-high black colored boots, and you will a black eye cover up. She in addition to wears an orange headband together red very-suit.


  • Invisibility: Violet is also give by herself completely or partly undetectable in the often. She performs this by-turning herself uv (that is invisible towards eye). The actual characteristics with the superpower is not told me, nor was its restrictions (for example if this offers outside of the noticeable white spectrum). Violet struggles to give the girl typical clothes invisible just like the well, apart from the lady “awesome suit” created by developer Edna Means to accentuate together with her energies.
  • Psionic Push-Career Manipulation: Violet may mentally build a psionic realm of reddish-tinged force, and this she uses for many consequences. Most commonly, Violet makes impenetrable time bubbles to by herself or other needs. The lady shields are so tough, enduring symptoms from the Omnidroid v.10, and can be used to deflect heavier oncoming weaponry.
  • Force-Field Telekinesis: New rooms from the woman push industries can have an enthusiastic anti-gravitational impact, allowing Violet so you’re able to levitate the latest stuff or anybody he or she is nearby. This is on time shown whenever she conserved Dash off gunfire. It should also be detailed you to definitely Violet was not only able to imprison The guy-Lectrix plus able to mirror their electric powers straight back within your. Violet showed innovative usage of extract things apart together with her forcefields basic presented which have a port inside Incredibles dos. She has been already seen with this particular to completely clean upwards garbage from the scooping it inside the a circular push-industry immediately after which closing they and you will swinging the new rubbish away. Given that seen in “Task Time – The latest Incredibles Way”, she can and create small push sphere and you will circulate him or her because of the air and over the floor in order to circulate quick stuff out of place.
  • Flyrogenetic Constructs: Violet is capable of producing and you may manipulating multiple psionic force areas at the same time This woman is able to figure the girl traps to better match the situation including good dome, wall structure, industries, etcetera. By the generating even more force trailing the girl psionic force protects, Violet can change her or him towards offensive firearms, including blades otherwise battering rams. By the building a ripple as much as herself and you may Dash, it will become an invulnerable weapon that wont drop-off except if she wills they also.
  • Improved Durability: Exactly like Dash, the woman is are more durable than most low-supers, even if the woman longevity try nowhere close that the lady parents. This is highlighted by reality she are banged involuntary by the newest Omnidroid v.ten, but are right back on her behalf foot a few minutes later on. It ought to be listed that there are zero visible physical burns so you can back that it upwards too.

Powers & Show

Elastigirl morphs on a boat with Dashboard just like the a rear propeller while you are Violet is the just passenger, because they stick to the missiles’ contrails. Coming to Nomanisan Area, they make the go camping during the a cavern. Elastigirl will teach the woman pupils to use its energies should anything goes wrong, however when Violet tries to protest, Helen warns this lady youngsters your crooks they’ll destroy him or her whether they have the chance. She urban centers Violet responsible once again in her lack, promising to go back by morning. Before Elastigirl simply leaves, Violet needs the lady and you will apologizes to the girl for what happened for the airplanes (and failing woefully to surpass requirement), to which Elastigirl apologizes back once again to Violet, saying that she herself was not getting reasonable to suddenly query so a lot of Violet. Elastigirl reassures Violet by saying that the second possess a great deal more stamina than she herself finds out, in addition to alerts the woman one to inside their disease, doubt is a deluxe they may be able don’t afford.

Brand new Parrs go homeward, in which they are stuck once more from the Disorder, having child Jack-Jack inside the hands, looking to kidnap your and you can improve him getting his sidekick. Shortly after Jack-Jack are rescued by Elastigirl and Problem try murdered whenever his cape gets snagged on the wind mill of his manta sprinkle, Violet surrounds the girl nearest and dearest which have a rice-field to protect her or him throughout the wreckage of Syndrome’s squirt, though it destroys their residence.

24 hours later, Violet finds out one Jack-Jack enjoys efforts hence Bob realized regarding it all the along and not informed anybody, she got mad at Bob for keeping they a secret out of the lady and you will Dash and you can confronted him about it. Bob then snaps at the him or her on account of sleep disorder and child-rearing without any help. He rants regarding how overwhelmed he could be and exactly how hard he tries to help the children. Violet following calls Lucius to have help. Bob later on drops Jack-Jack of in the Edna’s, when Bob will get household later one to evening, he goes and you will apologizes so you can Violet for finding the lady removed regarding Tony’s memories and you may confessed which he need be a father on her behalf along with her brothers, convinced that he was no help hence Violet hated your. Violet next amenities your and you will forgives your advising him he isn’t “good” but “super” Bob next falls resting and you can Violet hugs your once again. Immediately following 17 days away from sleep Bob gets upwards within the a much top spirits. When Violet asks him how he feels just after sleeping to possess 17 hours he reactions “super”.

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