The sites are plentiful and usually don’t mention affairs, but you can usually choose what type of relationship you’re after

I don’t get why people seem to think that they can post anything on YouTube and it doesn’t have any bearing on the world around you. If you post a video of yourself dropping kicking a baby, you can best believe that Child Services will be knocking on your door in the near future.

Even If you though you were teaching the baby a lesson, or you were doing what you thought was brilliant performance art, just because it entertains bored college kids doesn’t mean your accountability is any less than if the police witnessed you confessing to a criminal act.

If you must whore for attention on YouTube, take the safe route and post videos of yourself shot and an extreme angle, or booty pop for the admiration of the Internet. Claiming that you want to older women dating sign in kill 4 million women with aids, going to poison children or killing political figures will land you in the clink. © Copyright 2009 Observer


The internet super highway for many leads them straight to adultery. Not only are people finding digital solutions to their seven year itch, but sites are making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year exploiting them.

The approach of each site is a little different; some don’t concern themselves completely with married men and women, while others are pretty explicit concerning jump starting affairs.

One of the most common seen on profiles are “discrete relationships”

One of the most common less in your face, facet of internet adultery is the phenomenon of Sugar Daddies/Mommies and babes sites.

The Sugar Daddy Baby sites range in price from a month to a month with the gold-diggers – er- “sugar babes” usually paying the higher price. Ironically the most expensive of these sites MillionaireMate seems to be the same group of people that have joined Passion and AdultFriendFinder. You are paying a month for the same guy that is worth on another site.

To be fair , on there are many profiles and posts on Sugar daddy websites that simply reek of desperation, while the sob stories posted are more than half the time fabrications, I’m sure the person that put them up was in a desperate bind.

Unfortunately, there are many people that seem just clueless. At 45 years old, no person should be calling themselves a “baby” and they really shouldn’t be trying to live off their looks.

No matter how desperate their situation, I really think the sugar daddy route is not the best choice for them.

For the Sugar Mamas and Papas, signing up for one of those sites says two things. “Screw it, I have nothing to offer someone except money” and “I lack the patience and social skills to find a partner that will stay with me for free.”

Sadly many of the profiles looking for legal Sugar babes sound eerily similar to those posted on Craigslist looking for illegal prostitution.

Sadly, it seems fitting; some adult models use their same pictures and screen names from their Eros page. A page where high end strippers, adult models and even escorts advertise.

Some would argue that the SugarBabes and nothing more than legal prostitutes, but in all fairness. Users are not allowed to explicitly say they will do certain sex acts for a certain sum of money. Are a number of the women and men on these sites escorts? Most defiantly, but I don’t feel that the majority are.

Beyond the world of sugar, where one partner is usually married and looking for a younger single companion there is market for married folks that simply want to have a fling with another married person. The goal of these sites is to hook married people up so that both parties stay married.

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