Also, virtually every country in the world has a Central Bank which operates very similar to the Federal Reserve


When the Federal Reserve System comes to its end by whatever means,there needs to be one or more alternative currencies already in place, ramped up and in use, for a smooth transition.

So if you are not one of the owners of stock in the Federal Reserve, and aren’t an employee thereof, (or even if you are, but you have the integrity and compassion of Sir Josiah Stamp of England – see quote in the box above) you may want to participate in a solution, some of which are cited below, so that it will be possible for your progeny to have a decent measure of freedom and prosperity.

Federal Reserve 100 Year Anniversary

Most companies make a lot of fanfare if they reach their 100’th anniversary. The Federal Reserve hit its centennial on , but the only thing close to a public acknowledgement were these cash bands – mostly seen only by bankers.

Although the Federal Reserve System is the biggest scam in history, there are other scams and frauds that bring similar tyranny upon the people of the world. As such, the solutions that follow aren’t directed solely at ending the Fed, but at ending global financial tyranny in general, and ending the manipulation of the masses for the benefit of an elite few.

There are many, many global organizations and groups of many kinds that have some or all of these three goals:

  1. Get the word out to as many as possible, as to what is really happening – regarding the Federal Reserve, commercial banking, or government ming of the people in general.
  2. Bring down the global cabal that has perpetrated this global destruction of freedom, prosperity and peace . this financial and police/military tyranny.
  3. Have a replacement starter system ready for when the house of cards does come crashing down.

Rather than put an end to the Federal Reserve and/or other Central Banks, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies simply provide an alternative. It is currently more difficult to use than Dollars, Euros, etc., but people can choose to use it if the benefits outweigh the difficulties. Of course, the Federal Reserve and Central Banks of the world don’t want the competition, but there’s not much they can do about it. Bitcoin is “decentralized” meaning there is no physical location that governments can send men with guns to shut down a server. It exists as peer to peer, open-source code on the millions of computers of the people who are using it. Its genius creator remains anonymous. Other “centralized” alternative currencies have been quickly stamped out via SWAT team style raids (example: Liberty Dollar).

Bitcoin is an encrypted digital alternative currency created in 2009 that is now gaining momentum. It is thought of as “digital gold”. Similar to gold, it must be “mined”. But rather than digging in the ground, a Bitcoin miner uses a computer to solve complex math problems – and after much crunching, may receive some coin. Gold is limited in quantity and so are Bitcoins. As time goes on, a miner needs ever increasing computing power to get another Bitcoin. The mathematical limit is 21 million Bitcoins total.

There are now hundreds of other cryptocurrencies that are similar to Bitcoin and modeled after it. Although the vast majority of them are “pump and dump” style scams similar to the penny stock spam emails you might get, others legitimately compete with or even complement Bitcoin. There are even decentralized crypto-derivitives that the SEC cannot touch.

It’s all part of the decentralization revolution that could gradually, and relatively peacefully, put an end to the central banks of the world and bring on a global prosperity that has never existed before.

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